Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dogs Clearly Love Me.

Look at what I came home to tonight. I even managed to step over it whilst carrying a water bucket without realising it - but I sure managed to see it on the way back to the house. How can I be that blind? Amazing.

Talk about a PANIC, but thank goodness it was really, really dead. It was however right at the back door, so the dogs were just being loving I guess. To me it looks like an ex-brown snake & it was about a metre in length, but I have had it confirmed by an excellent source that it is indeed a juvenile copperhead snake (thanks Jeff xx)

I found a really long stick to grab it & put it in the bin. It was so beautiful - I don't think the photos do it justice, but the colour of it was just spectacular. It had a light green belly, such a golden brown hue on the topside. Poor thing, it was probably out for a nice afternoon meander. Betcha it got a helluva fright.