Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ballarat & Its Statuary.

We are so lucky here in Ballarat to have a city full of beautiful statues, memorials & architecture. I don't think I appreciated it all as a child growing up here, I think I just took it all for granted & never really gave it a thought. However, if I look around me now I can see the beauty that is the history of my city.

The statue of Pompey Elliott, Ballarat, Victoria

Yesterday, Jeremy & I were invited to the unveiling of a fabulous new statue for Ballarat, created to honour a generally unknown Australian war hero, Pompey Elliott. The ceremony took place on a cold, crisp, sunny Ballarat morning & it was quite an emotional experience to learn about the life of a soldier, who contributed enormously to the safety of Australia, & yet who appears to be largely forgotten. This I find rather sad, as I do his death. I wonder how much the circumstances of his death contributed to him being "forgotten" by the media of the time?

The Ballarat Cenotaph

The Ballarat Cenotaph is also extremely beautiful, & each ANZAC Day it is surrounded by hundreds of Ballarat residents to honour the war dead during the moving Dawn Service. I do think that each year the crowds grow slightly bigger & it amazes me to see an ever growing number of children & young adults attending. I always cry during the Service, I see so many others doing the same & it gladdens my heart that we will remember them & support those who still fight for us to be free now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My New Addiction

I think I may have a problem. I am addicted to my new nail polish. I have 61 bottles of the stuff.

Not too long ago, one of the girls I work with introduced us all to a BRILLIANT brand of nail Polish called China Glaze. It's not just a polish, it's a nail hardener with lacquer, made in America with a ridiculous cost of $2.99US. With the current parity with the US dollar it is a BARGAIN!

You can only buy it online, & obviously it is posted from the US. A few of us at work band together to buy in one big lot & even with postage added it is still so reasonably priced. There are 100's of colours to be had, along wit base & top coats. I love all the colour range, & they keep adding new colours. Our next order is waiting to go in - who knows when we'll stop??

My stash