Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Re-upholstered Lounge Suite.

Could I be any happier? Our lounge suite has arrived today after being re-upholstered! Doesn't it look just fabulous? I bought it almost 20 years ago from a lady I used to know. Back then it was brown & had no discernable shape, but I just loved it. Man I'm glad I bought it.

I had it reupholstered about 18 years ago (piece by piece due to having almost no money to spare), into a floral tapestry pattern & it was so pretty. It also came back with it's original shape, which I was most surprised & thrilled about, as I had no idea that it actually had a shape. Since then it has survived the husband, 2 baby boys, 2 cats & 4 dogs (2 of whom are still with us), numerous parties & good (& bad) times with friends. It's been with me for so long now, I can never let it go. What a history we have together. Actually, sitting here thinking about it - these pieces of furniture are really the first things I bought that I still have with me to this day. No wonder I am so attached to them. Freaky.

I wonder what the next 18 years involves for this lounge suite & I? Can't wait to find out though! I wonder what I'll be like in 18 years. Might have to re-upholster myself when I next re-upholster the suite.....:)

Cousin Cathie's Wedding

Myself (looking slightly mad) & Cathie (& baby - I think a girl?)

On the weekend just gone, husband & I were invited to the wedding of my gorgeous cousin Cathie, who married a rather yummy English chap, John. The wedding was held in the Ballarat Art Gallery, which is a beautiful venue, with the reception at a local hotel. Cathie is the one cousin who looks like me, so I'm told, & apparently we are both similar in our humour & attitude. I'm happy with that - Cathie is terrific!

Father of the Bride, Me, Aunt & Uncle

The wedding ceremony was brief, which is the way all good ceremonies should be, & I was a bit teary, much to the amusement of my children However, all weddings make me tear up, as they are such joyous events with huge promises for the future.

The wedding favour - what a damn good idea! How nice is this plate?

Congratulations to Cathie & John! Your wedding & reception was a great, fun filled event, but I know that your life together will be one of the best marriages going. You guys rock xx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Engagement :)

Myself & Rachel

Remember my darling friend Rachel? I love her so very much xx

So, it is with much joy that I announce a happy event - last weekend husband & I attended the engagement party of said Rachel & her most darling partner, Mat. It was a BRILLIANT night, full of laughter, full of catching up with good friends. It was also one of the hottest nights known to man, one of those nights where it was far too hot to get drunk, one of those nights where it was so appropriate to take off ones stilettos to walk home.

So to my lovely Mat & Rachel - congratulations! You guys are one of the most perfect couples I know. You make each other happy without being co-dependant. You support each other's dreams and still chase your own.

I wish you much happiness & love & laughter & good times in the future. I wish you boundless strength to face the inevitable challenges that will occur. I wish you the Universe xxx