Friday, June 26, 2009

The Death of Celebrity.

Wow, Farrah Fawcett-Major and Michael Jackson both died today. I wonder what legacy they will leave.

Farrah leaves behind in my mind sunny, beautiful, cheerful thoughts, plus I am in awe of her bravery to film a documentary of her battle with cancer over the past three years. That takes some resilience to allow others to see you at your worst, when in Hollywood image is everything. May she rest in peace, sincere sympathy to her family, this was not the end she deserved.

And Michael, whose music I grew up with and loved. And yet his image is tarnished by the (unproven) allegations of child abuse. I feel for those children of his, as lord knows what sort of a life they have lived (were they even schooled?) and I have no doubt that the Jackson family will make the care of those kids a huge melodramatic legal circus (how much money would be involved to have those kids in your clutches?) But then again, perhaps, I will be proved wrong. Maybe there will be dignity for Michael eventually. Vale Michael.

Whatever happens, these two people have touched my life in all sorts of ways, and the world will miss them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Dinner, BBQ in the rain.

It was Jack's birthday recently (he had a fabulous weekend might I add, whilst I was dying of swine flu (possibly)) and I've just been trawling through the photos.

These 2 are my absolute favourites!!

My brother Chris is a brilliant cook, and he cooked us all dinner on the Saturday night, Mum & Dad came over also. We had prosciutto wrapped lamb chops, with a chilli mash and spinach. He and Jem cooked the BBQ in the rain, under the umbrella, with the obligatory beer and dinner was totally delicious. I nearly popped from over-eating, but I so enjoyed myself. To have everyone there was great, heavenly for me.

After dinner, Chris and Jack decided to have a wrestle at the table, as you do, and it almost ended in tears and vomit, as we were all laughing so much.

Excellent fun, far too many photos, happy times indeed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

No internet

Oh my goodness - I have just survived 5 days without the internet on at home.

5 days.

I survived!

I did lots of other stuff though - caught up on reading, on housework, and hung out with the kids a bit more. And it was really nice actually.

The internet provider was not THAT helpful in getting things connected a bit quicker though, I don't think it was high in their list of priorities, until I rang the local ABC and asked them if they could find out why it was out for so long for me, because I had no answers from my multiple phone calls over the 5 days.

Amazing - one hour after the local internet service provider manager was interviewed by the local ABC as to why we were all out around here - it was magically turned back on. Go figure.

Now to get my rebate.....:)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The lazy black dog.

The lazy black dog is named Coco, and she is hilarious.

Yesterday I washed her bedding and put it in the sun to dry. I also out some frozen bones out to thaw for her and her sister Iggy.

Coco couldn't be bothered doing anything too vigorous, so she grabbed her frozen bone, lay on her wet bedding in the sun, and licked her bone gently until it was warm enough to eat. She didn't even have to lift her head!

This all takes brains I'm sure. Please say yes!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've just found out that a very dear friend of mine (Ling) is now engaged to her boyfriend of many years (Guy) and I am so inordinately happy for her. She is a wonderful person, gorgeous, smart, funny & I am SO HAPPY for them both. It's funny isn't it? Such a simple thing - they love each other, want to be together forever, and it has just made my day. I'm all teary, and I'm not even tipsy.

My dearest Ling. You were are brilliant work colleague, and now you are my lovely & adored friend.

I wish you and Guy many happy years together, may your lives be blessed & enriched by each other.

Biggest of love to you both.