Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Dinner, BBQ in the rain.

It was Jack's birthday recently (he had a fabulous weekend might I add, whilst I was dying of swine flu (possibly)) and I've just been trawling through the photos.

These 2 are my absolute favourites!!

My brother Chris is a brilliant cook, and he cooked us all dinner on the Saturday night, Mum & Dad came over also. We had prosciutto wrapped lamb chops, with a chilli mash and spinach. He and Jem cooked the BBQ in the rain, under the umbrella, with the obligatory beer and dinner was totally delicious. I nearly popped from over-eating, but I so enjoyed myself. To have everyone there was great, heavenly for me.

After dinner, Chris and Jack decided to have a wrestle at the table, as you do, and it almost ended in tears and vomit, as we were all laughing so much.

Excellent fun, far too many photos, happy times indeed.

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