Friday, July 31, 2009

Food fight!

We've all been home today, the boy's teachers had an education day, Jem & I are working the weekend.

Mum & Dad dropped off the Buddha, very pleasant day. Watched a movie.

So, I decide to cook a lovely meal, table formally set, lovely vino.

We had quickly seared pork fillets in garam marsala, cumin & butter, with lightly steamed beans, broccoli & carrots, and then garlic mashed potatoes.

So why did the three men in my life all suddenly smear their faces with mashed potato & then beat the living beejaysus out of one another?

There is no respect in the world I am sure.

There's a Buddha in the Garden.

I am SO excited - my parents got us an early Christmas present! I have been eyeing off this Buddha statue for months, but just didn't have the cash to buy it, nor the justification for doing so. Mum & Dad went to the nursery, and discovered that he was on sale (because the business is closing). They then made a ridiculously low offer for him - and bought him! How fantastic for me. I just love the way he looks in my garden and I can see him from the house.

It makes me feel all calm just to sit there and watch him. Which is not a bad thing really. Sometimes I just find myself buzzing around the clouds with how fast life is. It will be nice just to sit in the garden and chat with the Buddha.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tom's Baby Gift

When I was pregnant with Tom a friend of ours made this beautiful cot patchwork quilt. I love the fact that so much work went into this, from a woman I really didn't know at the time - I think I had met her once or twice, but our husbands had been longtime friends.

Unfortunately for us, somehow we have managed to lose contact over the years, probably not helped by the fact that we live in different states. Plus, I think I just assumed that the guys would work to maintain the friendship, and that us girls would tag along. However, I've learned that men sometimes don't do this work, but that girls do.

So, to my dearest friends (and you know who you are), even though we may live in different neighbourhoods, cities, states & for some, different countries - I love you very much, and want you gals in my life forever, you are part of me and my family and I am so thankful to be your friend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I returned to work last week from being off for the school holidays with the boys, and what a shock to the system that was, although now of course I feel that I haven't been away at all. The plus side is that I adore the people I work with. I'm very lucky to be in a good team where we do actually care about one another and look out for one another.

However, this has been a great weekend at home, despite the fact that Husband is a work for the weekend. I've raced through all the drudgery early on both days, so the afternoons are relaxation time. We had a soccer match yesterday - we won 7 - 3, and Jack scored a goal, total brilliance of course, and then we watched "The Terminator", and both boys loved it. It is a good film. Today we're just bludging around, and I'm just waiting for the final of "Masterchef" at 7 30pm. I never thought I'd get hooked on that show, but I am totally sucked in. Tomorrow I'm on an ADO, so I'm going to Melbourne to visit with my wonderful friend Libby and her 10 weel old son, Lachie. Can't wait - and will post photos of course!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My beautiful ex-tree

My day was totally ruined yesterday by the untimely upending of my most favourite tree in the world. It was a Eucalyptus Ficifolia, and is pretty hard to grow in this part of Australia, due to cold temperatures in winter, with many frosts.

This was it last summer - isn't it just glorious. Each Autumn we do a mass plant out of about 20 of these, with usually about 5 surviving each time, so at least we have more, but they are still small, and will have quite a few years to get to the brilliance of this one.

Unfortunately, this is my tree today. We had huge winds here yesterday, and this was one of a few trees damaged, but unfortunately this one will not be able to be saved, as the roots are out. What a damn shame - it was indeed a beautiful tree.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two current fave things.

I have been given two gorgeous items that I just adore.

This first one is a scarf from my wonderful friend Kim, who lives in the Blue Mountains. She posted it, just out of the blue, and I feel very lucky. The colours are black & purple, and it is so pretty to wear - probably not the most sensible scarf to wear in a Ballarat winter, but I think it's just grand. It would be so perfect on a special night out with a great frock attached.

This petticoat was made by my Aunt Ria, and she apparently sells heaps of them, plus other delectable items from her market stall on the Sunshine Coast. How pretty is this? I'm thinking of wearing it as a dress, with black stockings and under top. I love the colours. Apparently she has a huge range of them and they are her best sellers, and you would get away with them more as dresses in Queensland (again not practical here in Victoria at the moment.) I might have it mainly as a nightie though :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Ikea Fun

Well, we went back to Ikea, bought the one chair we needed and it looks great in it's rightful spot, I'm very happy indeed (I'd want to be happy for the time/petrol money invested in getting the damn thing). We had the big discussion on the way to Melbourne about the bathroom and laundry renovations (way in the future) and saw some great products at Ikea, and much inspiration was had. There were really great huge single sinks and tubs, so we have a lot to think about. We're going to pull out a wall (between laundry & office which is unused & collects junk), build in a step up wet area (with grey/black tiling) and convert the rest into a storage & large larder area, with wooden floor boards

On the other hand, this was my best buy of the day (bought 3 of them). Terrific flat cat cushions to go on the couch. They are so odd & weird & cute and look fab on the couch. I do need to go back and get two more though - will head back with Mum who has never been to Ikea! That will be a fun trip, as I do like shopping with Mum.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Ikea Trip

I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the wonder that is Ikea, and I must say that I have been well and truly converted. I do hate the way that there is only one way in and out, and that you have to see everything that's there when you really don't want to, but I love it all the same. It's such a pity that it's a 4 hour round trip to get there though - drives me nuts.

I do REALLY love this toilet roll holder. Imagine having two boys learning to use the toilet in the proper manner - the fallout kills me - hence my adoration for the toilet roll holder which lives up on the wall, way above the toilet. Bliss. Every mother of a boy should have one in their repertoire.

I saw spice holders like these at my friend's home last weekend (hi Isaac, Brooke, Benau - adore you guys). So of course, I had to get my own. Brilliant things they are indeed, and I do need to get more. I find I use spices more with these in such easy reach, and you can clearly see when you're running low on supply. Handy hint though, grab the tub firmly to take them off the fridge as the lid comes off easily. Not pleasant.

And to my wonderful new dining chairs. They are so simple and elegant and fit in so well with my 100 year old rustic table. It was such a bloody shame though that on the day Ikea only had five in stock, when I need six, so I have to do a special trip there tomorrow to get one damn chair - did I mention the four hour round trip? But, the chairs do look terrific, but I cannot stand to have one odd one out. Ikea here I come !

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Afternoon Tea

I'm still on holidays, and still enjoying being a domestic goddess. I'm enjoying keeping house, doing the vacuuming, ironing, cleaning, baking, and I think this is because there is no rush to do it, like on days off. I like planning dinner - what a decision! Don't even mind doing the washing up.

We had a busy day yesterday, both boys off & away, one watching a Star Wars marathon with a friend, and another at a birthday party at the pictures - he saw Transformers 2. I didn't even mind the two trips into town to drop off/pick up.

I've managed to create more tee shirts/art work on RedBubble for sale ( ) and this has also been fun. Why didn't I win Tattslotto though, could do this full time, without complaints.

So, to afternoon tea - my latest fad is chocolate mud cupcakes, but I add chopped up almonds - too nice for words!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Charlie & Me

Number One niece has been here with us for the start of the school holidays. She is smart, gorgeous, interesting & funny, and we have enjoyed her company so much. It's been great for me to have another girl in the house (she did her fingernails last night and that was really quite sweet to have girly stuff happening) and there is all sorts of girl talk and sharing of (some) girl secrets. I don't see her often enough, we lost contact for a while, but no more!! She's pretty cool.

We went to the Pompeii Exhibition in Melbourne, moving experience, and very sad too, did some shopping at Ikea, watched Slumdog Millionaire. Oh, and I sewed her favourite jeans back together, they were like a torn patchwork (but she's wearing them now & I am so clever, just ask me). Bardot jeans are not to be sneezed at, and will be worn to death. She is no longer allowed to wear them horse riding.

I love her. To bits. I love it when she's here - come back soon Charlotte!

Miss you front and back.