Sunday, July 5, 2009

Afternoon Tea

I'm still on holidays, and still enjoying being a domestic goddess. I'm enjoying keeping house, doing the vacuuming, ironing, cleaning, baking, and I think this is because there is no rush to do it, like on days off. I like planning dinner - what a decision! Don't even mind doing the washing up.

We had a busy day yesterday, both boys off & away, one watching a Star Wars marathon with a friend, and another at a birthday party at the pictures - he saw Transformers 2. I didn't even mind the two trips into town to drop off/pick up.

I've managed to create more tee shirts/art work on RedBubble for sale ( ) and this has also been fun. Why didn't I win Tattslotto though, could do this full time, without complaints.

So, to afternoon tea - my latest fad is chocolate mud cupcakes, but I add chopped up almonds - too nice for words!

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