Sunday, July 12, 2009

My beautiful ex-tree

My day was totally ruined yesterday by the untimely upending of my most favourite tree in the world. It was a Eucalyptus Ficifolia, and is pretty hard to grow in this part of Australia, due to cold temperatures in winter, with many frosts.

This was it last summer - isn't it just glorious. Each Autumn we do a mass plant out of about 20 of these, with usually about 5 surviving each time, so at least we have more, but they are still small, and will have quite a few years to get to the brilliance of this one.

Unfortunately, this is my tree today. We had huge winds here yesterday, and this was one of a few trees damaged, but unfortunately this one will not be able to be saved, as the roots are out. What a damn shame - it was indeed a beautiful tree.


  1. Awww Jem was so upset about the tree.
    Did you hear I predicted it though? I was so worried when Jem was late for work I thought the wind must have caused havoc at your place and he was doing a clean up. First thing I asked when he walked thru the door was if eveything was ok. Then an hour later the tree came down! telepathic I tells ya!

  2. It was you who caused this then!! Damn you Meg :) Tell Jem that I've just found another tree down near the BBQ, the old palm tree.