Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Ikea Fun

Well, we went back to Ikea, bought the one chair we needed and it looks great in it's rightful spot, I'm very happy indeed (I'd want to be happy for the time/petrol money invested in getting the damn thing). We had the big discussion on the way to Melbourne about the bathroom and laundry renovations (way in the future) and saw some great products at Ikea, and much inspiration was had. There were really great huge single sinks and tubs, so we have a lot to think about. We're going to pull out a wall (between laundry & office which is unused & collects junk), build in a step up wet area (with grey/black tiling) and convert the rest into a storage & large larder area, with wooden floor boards

On the other hand, this was my best buy of the day (bought 3 of them). Terrific flat cat cushions to go on the couch. They are so odd & weird & cute and look fab on the couch. I do need to go back and get two more though - will head back with Mum who has never been to Ikea! That will be a fun trip, as I do like shopping with Mum.

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