Friday, July 10, 2009

Two current fave things.

I have been given two gorgeous items that I just adore.

This first one is a scarf from my wonderful friend Kim, who lives in the Blue Mountains. She posted it, just out of the blue, and I feel very lucky. The colours are black & purple, and it is so pretty to wear - probably not the most sensible scarf to wear in a Ballarat winter, but I think it's just grand. It would be so perfect on a special night out with a great frock attached.

This petticoat was made by my Aunt Ria, and she apparently sells heaps of them, plus other delectable items from her market stall on the Sunshine Coast. How pretty is this? I'm thinking of wearing it as a dress, with black stockings and under top. I love the colours. Apparently she has a huge range of them and they are her best sellers, and you would get away with them more as dresses in Queensland (again not practical here in Victoria at the moment.) I might have it mainly as a nightie though :)

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