Sunday, May 26, 2013

Old Friends.

Sometimes life gets so busy and we forget to make time to keep in touch with those we love as our true friends. I know I am guilty of this, although I don't always mean to be this way, and I know that others don't either. Sometimes life is just busy right?

Last Sunday I got to catch up with one of my best friends, Tara, and we haven't really spent time together for about 7 years from memory, which is just so stupid. We have "caught up", but not really spent time enjoying each other's company. I have no real idea why this happened other than we just got busy on our own stuff and just did not make the time to stay in touch: we are both just as guilty as the other in this.

We first met when our kids were in kinder together, around 13 years ago, and we just clicked straight away. She is a person that I can tell ANYTHING to, and she does not care to judge me or to think any differently about me. We have shared so many good and bad times together, and I know that if one of us needs the other, we are there for each other. 

We met up again at the Ballarat Legacy changeover lunch, to bring in the new President for the next year. And it was so lovely to see her and to spend that time with her, just falling back into that friendship again, and we just laughed again, catching up on family news and gossip, quaffing wine, making jokes, and also making the promise not to lose touch again like just did. And I hope we stick with that promise, as I have missed her in my life.