Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ballarat & Its Statuary.

We are so lucky here in Ballarat to have a city full of beautiful statues, memorials & architecture. I don't think I appreciated it all as a child growing up here, I think I just took it all for granted & never really gave it a thought. However, if I look around me now I can see the beauty that is the history of my city.

The statue of Pompey Elliott, Ballarat, Victoria

Yesterday, Jeremy & I were invited to the unveiling of a fabulous new statue for Ballarat, created to honour a generally unknown Australian war hero, Pompey Elliott. The ceremony took place on a cold, crisp, sunny Ballarat morning & it was quite an emotional experience to learn about the life of a soldier, who contributed enormously to the safety of Australia, & yet who appears to be largely forgotten. This I find rather sad, as I do his death. I wonder how much the circumstances of his death contributed to him being "forgotten" by the media of the time?

The Ballarat Cenotaph

The Ballarat Cenotaph is also extremely beautiful, & each ANZAC Day it is surrounded by hundreds of Ballarat residents to honour the war dead during the moving Dawn Service. I do think that each year the crowds grow slightly bigger & it amazes me to see an ever growing number of children & young adults attending. I always cry during the Service, I see so many others doing the same & it gladdens my heart that we will remember them & support those who still fight for us to be free now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My New Addiction

I think I may have a problem. I am addicted to my new nail polish. I have 61 bottles of the stuff.

Not too long ago, one of the girls I work with introduced us all to a BRILLIANT brand of nail Polish called China Glaze. It's not just a polish, it's a nail hardener with lacquer, made in America with a ridiculous cost of $2.99US. With the current parity with the US dollar it is a BARGAIN!

You can only buy it online, & obviously it is posted from the US. A few of us at work band together to buy in one big lot & even with postage added it is still so reasonably priced. There are 100's of colours to be had, along wit base & top coats. I love all the colour range, & they keep adding new colours. Our next order is waiting to go in - who knows when we'll stop??

My stash

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Silver Addict Jewellery Party.

A bit of a while ago I organised Rebecca from Silver Addict to bring her market stall to our home, which was my (lazy) way of doing all my Christmas shopping for all the females we buy for. This is the second time she has helped me out for Christmas, & I just adore her & her lovely products. All are uniquely designed, sterling silver & so very reasonably priced.

Please, do yourself a massive favour & explore her website for online shopping - here. She also has a stall at the Daylesford & Camberwell markets. I hope you become as addicted to Silver Addict as I have.