Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tom's Baby Gift

When I was pregnant with Tom a friend of ours made this beautiful cot patchwork quilt. I love the fact that so much work went into this, from a woman I really didn't know at the time - I think I had met her once or twice, but our husbands had been longtime friends.

Unfortunately for us, somehow we have managed to lose contact over the years, probably not helped by the fact that we live in different states. Plus, I think I just assumed that the guys would work to maintain the friendship, and that us girls would tag along. However, I've learned that men sometimes don't do this work, but that girls do.

So, to my dearest friends (and you know who you are), even though we may live in different neighbourhoods, cities, states & for some, different countries - I love you very much, and want you gals in my life forever, you are part of me and my family and I am so thankful to be your friend.


  1. The feeling is mutual sweetie :) Most men are USELESS at most forms of communication, let alone long distance ones!!! xx

  2. Love you too Tan!!