Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Charlie & Me

Number One niece has been here with us for the start of the school holidays. She is smart, gorgeous, interesting & funny, and we have enjoyed her company so much. It's been great for me to have another girl in the house (she did her fingernails last night and that was really quite sweet to have girly stuff happening) and there is all sorts of girl talk and sharing of (some) girl secrets. I don't see her often enough, we lost contact for a while, but no more!! She's pretty cool.

We went to the Pompeii Exhibition in Melbourne, moving experience, and very sad too, did some shopping at Ikea, watched Slumdog Millionaire. Oh, and I sewed her favourite jeans back together, they were like a torn patchwork (but she's wearing them now & I am so clever, just ask me). Bardot jeans are not to be sneezed at, and will be worn to death. She is no longer allowed to wear them horse riding.

I love her. To bits. I love it when she's here - come back soon Charlotte!

Miss you front and back.

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