Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Engagement :)

Myself & Rachel

Remember my darling friend Rachel? I love her so very much xx

So, it is with much joy that I announce a happy event - last weekend husband & I attended the engagement party of said Rachel & her most darling partner, Mat. It was a BRILLIANT night, full of laughter, full of catching up with good friends. It was also one of the hottest nights known to man, one of those nights where it was far too hot to get drunk, one of those nights where it was so appropriate to take off ones stilettos to walk home.

So to my lovely Mat & Rachel - congratulations! You guys are one of the most perfect couples I know. You make each other happy without being co-dependant. You support each other's dreams and still chase your own.

I wish you much happiness & love & laughter & good times in the future. I wish you boundless strength to face the inevitable challenges that will occur. I wish you the Universe xxx

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