Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to you all.

Normally I am not a very patriotic person, but I realise, as I am growing older, that I am very lucky to live where I do. I live in a country that is accepting of others, that is an exciting and developing nation and it is a country in which my sons will have unlimited opportunities if they are wise enough to explore what is available and to challenge themselves.

My home town is large and old enough to have an interesting history, a varied culture and an acceptance of diversity, but it is small enough to be friendly and comforting. The schools are world class, we have a renowned University and excellent healthcare facilities. We are small enough to know the shopkeepers by name and to have great customer service.

But, the best thing about my country is the fact that I have wonderful friends here. So today a small group of us got together for our Australia Day Celebration. We were unashamedly patriotic of course, however the important thing was to just be together. We had the obligatory Aussie BBQ, along with lamingtons, but the dessert was to die for. I have no idea what you call this, but it was sensational!

  • Tin of peaches
  • Tub of cream - whipped
  • Packet of "Butternut Snap" biscuits crushed
  • Packet of hazelnuts - crushed
  • Block of dark chocolate - crushed.
  • Mix together the cream, biscuits, hazelnuts & chocolate and put on top of the drained peaches.
  • Add an Ausssie Flag.
  • Enjoy!!

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  1. Sounds delicious. Happy Oz Day Tania and Jem. Agree that we live in the best country in the world!!!