Sunday, January 24, 2010

Terry Told Me Off!!!

I have had a very timely reminder from a dear friend, in that I have not updated this blog in like FOREVER, & he is totally correct. But given that he has publicly shamed me on Facebook with his reminder, here is my payback - here is a photo of the gorgeous Terry & myself at a work Christmas party in 2oo8.

So, what has happened recently?
  • We had a great Christmas, which we spent with my brother's in-laws. It was a fantastic & joyous day, with none of the family members having to work at all. Brilliant! It was a 10 hour party marathon, & I would think that it was one of the best days I have ever had.
  • The boys spent NYE with my bother & his wife down at the beach. Jem & I were both off, it was a stinking hot night, but then the power went out during a massive thunderstorm. We lit candles to see, but that just turned out to be disastrously too hot, so we blew them all out & were then covered in stinky candle smoke for quite a while. Not as romantic as you would think really.
  • Both Jem & I have had holidays at home, but took consecutive 2 week blocks to try to cover the school holidays as best we could. We're both back at work now, & the boys go back to school at the end of next week. Mum & Dad are doing the grandparent thing & all seem to be enjoying themselves.
  • Both boys have moved up a grade at school, Jack being now in Grade 5 & Tom moving into Year 7. It's been a marathon of book buying/covering, clothes buying/naming, shoe buying & form filling. Both boys are looking forward to the new school year to see all their mates again. I just feel like I'm getting old & am losing my babies as they march into adulthood at a very rapid rate.
  • The animals continue to rule the house. We are their very obedient servants, so all is right with the world.
So, what now?
  • I promise whole heartedly to Terry to be more diligent in my ramblings here.
  • We have "Briards in Ballarat" coming up on March 7th at our home. All the gang will be here it seems, plus a new member, Miss Tee who is just a delight & I can't wait to meet her & her Mum! Will definitely have a ramble or two about that day!

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  1. Well done Tan, now just get Jem off his butt and update his blog too!