Friday, October 30, 2009

Spring in the Garden

Gosh I've been away from here for ages! What has been happening in my life over the past month? Probably not a great deal of interesting stuff really, just general family nonsense with great boring potential for others. We did put in floorboards in the September school holidays, my bestie Kim visited from NSW then too (more about her at a later date) so September was a great month.

October was not the best month really, as three of the four of us had gastro - but not me luckily. I just got the disrupted sleep and a dose of the queasiness, which was more than enough thank you very much. Both the boys got the vomits in the middle of the night which appears to be the best time to have it really, makes it delightful to attend work the next day.

We had the school sports, which was Tom's last one at primary school. He had his literacy & numeracy testing for college a few weeks ago and coped just fine. A great friend of his will be joining him at the new school as well as his current school friends so he couldn't be more excited really. Jack is grooving along at a great rate of knots, and he is feeling more grown up now that Tom will be leaving him for a new school as Jack now has the responsibility of taking notes and newsletters back and forth to the school office. He will also be in the Senior Group for the next two years of school - and it's hard to be more grown up than that in the scheme of things.

So here are a few gratuitous garden shots from today. It's looking rather pretty isn't it? Spring is a great time of year in our garden, but in a few weeks time this will all be a brown dust bowl. Hopefully we will all be safe from fires this summer fire season, I don't want anyone in Australia to go through what some communities went through on Black Saturday. Perhaps it will be inevitable in our climate and with fire bugs waiting to pounce - but I hope it will not be so. Lives are too precious - both human & animal.

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  1. The garden is really looking lovely, Tan, guess that partly a product of all that lovely rain you had when I was down there, and before that,too. The lavendar particularly looks good. Can't believe you will have a son at secondary school next year! OMG how the time does fly!