Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beautiful Camellias.

We have beautiful camellias don't we? These babies are enormous bushes (or trees), technically about 2 storeys tall, and they are part of a large planting of 8 camellia trees, all different colours, from deep red to really bright pink. They surround a small bit of decking, which I want to expand to go all around the house. However, if I do actually do that I will have to rip out the camellia trees, which totally sucks. What to do? I want both the decking and the camellias. How do I get to have it all?


  1. How about you get Jem to build the decking around the camellias??? Surely not a big ask!!!! xxx from FNQ

  2. Don't worry Suze, I have thought about that, but when you come to visit, you'll appreciate the dilemma.

    When are you going to have your own blog BTW?

    T xx

  3. We used to have these all down the side of my house when we were growing up. We also had pet rabbits (city kids) and would pull all the camellia buds off the bushes and feed them to little Mitsy and Tipsy. Apparently flower buds are like candy for rabbits, haha.