Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inbread Cats.

Well, apparently there is a new internet sensation, set to rival planking. It involves cats. And bread. How funny can this be?? Absolutely hilarious actually.

Clearly Jeremy & I must keep up with the trends. Obviously it is how we stay so youthful & fabulous ((??))! Unfortunately for Remy, it was her time to truly shine in a fad. Fortunately for us she is so laid back & good humoured. Despite the face - she purred all the way during her photo shoot. Check out the website, hopefully more people will add their poor cats, so that Jem & I are not the only mean ones. The website is:

Remy is a 10 year old ragdoll cat. She goes the the vet every year for her check up. Every year the vet listens to her heart with a stethoscope. Every year the vets say she is in fabulous health. Until her last check up. The vet listened earnestly with the stethoscope (we have this vet every year). This time though, she placed the stethoscope down, looked at us seriously, & I thought she had dreadful news. Her words of wisdom were:

"I assume she is alive, I assume she has a heart which beats. But in all honesty I have never heard her heart at all since I've been looking after her. She purrs too loudly".

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  1. Heres some INBREAD CAT ANIMATION I posted on my YouTube page. Its the first episode of a weekly series called "THE CAT SHOW". Hope you like it!