Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Beautiful Fishtank.

The fish tank - from the lounge room

This is our fish tank, which lives in the wall cavity in between the dining room & the lounge room. When we first moved into this house all that was there was a series of bits of wood, which made the room look a little bit like a prison cell. After a few months of contemplation we decided to put a fish tank in there & we thought we were so BRILLIANT. However, it turns out that the people who built the house had a fish tank there too - the second owners ripped it out & put the bars in. We are the third owners. It also turns out that we know both lots of previous owners - so much for country anonymity!

The fish tank - from the dining room.

Obviously we had to get the tank made up to order from a local glass shop. It took them four goes to get it right. The first one leaked straight away, the second one bowed out when the water was added & the third one exploded out into the dining room after a night of water sitting in it. Thank goodness there were no fish in that one at that point, & thank goodness we weren't sitting there eating at the table. I cannot tell you the mess it made - shards of broken glass, 80 litres of water & thousands of tiny black stones all over the floor, but at least it wasn't into the lounge room, which at that stage had carpet in it. The tank is a source of joy for us, it's just so peaceful to sit at the table, having a nice dinner & a glass of wine, contemplating this mini lake with family & friends.

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