Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Eucalyptus Ficifolia - A Survivor!

This is an update to my previous blog post about my favourite tree falling down (July 2009). If you look back at the photos, my tree looked pretty much dead & gone. But, look at it now!

We were just devastated by its "loss". However, luckily for us, we were too lazy at the time to cut it up for firewood - because it has continued to live! It still flowers even though it's lying on its side, & it continues to grow new branches. I cannot believe our good fortune.

The root system had just bent with the tree & there is still enough soil over the roots to protect it. It even survived last summer really well in this condition as the photos show. The dogs quite like to shade in it, can't say that I blame them as the flowers are beautiful.

We have planted out the same species en masse along our neighbours fence line to create more privacy, & the majority of those ones appear to be surviving quite well, even with the drought & water restrictions. One day, a full row of them in full bloom will be a sight to see.

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