Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roy the Devon Rex - Master of the House.

Roy rules this house with a little (but lethal) iron furry fist. We do whatever he wants, and are grateful for the privilege. Even the dogs are terrified of him and he does terrorise them regularly. He seems to resent any time the dogs have with us, and he is known to chase the dogs (who are significantly bigger than him) away from his people to get all the attention going.

The boss cat.

He loves playing soccer with marbles, which is delightful to hear at 3 am on the kitchen slate. He hogs the bed, often jumping in and out several times, with never a care or concern in the world about the humans trying to sleep. He can catch mice well, but will only eat the head and then vomit the head up next to the body, next to our bed, for us to find at times when we least expect it.

Roy & Jeremy enjoying a sunny morning

He loves a good pat in the sun, we can slap his bum, shove him around and he thinks this all a universal decree to make is day bliss. And he is probably right about that in all honesty - we live to serve Roy.

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