Sunday, July 11, 2010

Briard Rescue Beads.

We have two female briard dogs, named Coco & Iggy, who are very gorgeous & very spoilt. They are now almost five & are still wonderfully silly girls. One day they may actually act all grown up (or not). Unfortunately not all dogs are so loved, so I help out with the "Briard Rescue" group, which was formed to rescue & re-home briards in need. This is a wonderful bunch of other briard owners who volunteer their time help out - a burden shared & all that. Funny how a shared belief makes for a "family".

We recently had a bunch of beads made up for ourselves & to also raise funds for the Rescue Group. This would have to be my most favourite necklace, I just love the work in the beads, with a paw on one side & a dogs head on the other. They are sterling silver too - no common muck metal for us.

When we bought our dogs all those years ago we had no idea about the friendships that we would form, initially over the internet (The Australian Briard Forum) & then in person as we got to know people enough to then organise briard parties, where we all just enjoy each other's company (& the dogs of course). We've attended briard parties in QLD & NSW & so many here in Victoria, & consider these people lifelong friends. Our boys still love to go to the parties - I so hope that continues when they are teenagers, because they are loved by these people whom we do consider to be family. We are lucky indeed. Oh, if you want some beads too, you can purchase them here:

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