Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Briard Rescue Earrings

Thank you to all who contacted me about the Briard Rescue Beads! You are all very kind, & the Briard Rescue Team does so very much appreciate your positive feed back - again, thank you xx It is lovely to know that those who do not have our breed of dog still think that what we have made is pretty cool & worthwhile.

So, to brag again I thought I should post up a picture of our Briard Rescue Earrings. Do not look too closely at the photo as I do wear these earrings to death & they could do with a damn good polish (should have done that before we took the photo - *slaps forehead*)

The paw prints are pressed into the earrings themselves & the paw print model is a very handsome briard named Teddy who lives in N.S.W. Again, they are solid sterling silver & are quite heavy to be perfectly honest, but I became used to the weight quickly.

When I wear these I get so many comments - which thrills me no end as they are pretty damn gorgeous. I also love the fact that I know the paw print model, and that all of the pairs of earrings made are not quite the same, as they are not mass produced but rather thay are made to order.

For those of you who are interested in the briard dog, please go to:

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