Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Briards.

With all the mentioning of the briard beads & the briard earrings - I forgot to mention the actual briard dog - apologies to you my dear audience! A briard is a rare breed of dog, with first real records (read: tapestries) being kept of the breed in eighth century France:


Our briard litter sisters, Misses Iggy & Coco, came to us in 2005, from the last litter bred by our now very dear friend Irena (Trilby Briards) in NSW. They arrived together via plane, bundled up in a crate, two tiny little bear cubs, who were just so sweet & snuggly. Briards have a need to be with their humans at ALL times, preferably on top of you - I don't think they realise (nor do they care) how large they actually are.


The history of the breed in Australia is very interesting as it only commenced in 1974 - if you are interested have a look at: for further information. Given this short space of time, the breed has quietly established itself, but thankfully not to the popularity levels of other breeds. Briard litters are never advertised - it's all word of mouth from people in the know, or by people who are interested in the breed tracking down a breeder (also not very common) & placing themselves on a very long waiting list.

Misses Coco & Iggy having a ponder at Moggs Creek Beach


  1. Tan they look so calm and tranquil :-)

  2. I know!

    ((((BUT you know the truth!))))